Spheroids for NASH, ILF, Cancer and Oncolytic Viruses

First in India to make in vitro Spheroids platform towards solving the COVID-19 puzzle


To innovate in research and development and speed up the drug discovery process for various diseases


To utilize the current state of the art technologies in spheroid platform and use them as tools for new treatment strategies.

Spheroid Cell Culture to create Disease-in-a-Dish Model

Each spheroid platform is microfabricated to represent a particular disease associated with a specific organ or tissue. We at OncoSeek Bio create such highly complex tissues to enable innovation in finding cures. Our spheroid platforms should help the researchers in therapeutic, diagnostic and vaccine research.

Repurposing of drugs for Cancer Therapy

Our personalized in vitro and in vivo models of patient-derived fresh tumor samples aim to offer collaborative cancer research towards the re-purposing of drugs for effective cancer therapy.

Solving the unmet needs in the drug discovery of many other diseases

Using our spheroid models for various other diseases, we aim to offer superior pre-clinical translational research services to speed up the drug discovery process.

Our Speciality

Spheroid models for Fibrotic Diseases of various organs
NASH/NAFLD Spheroid Model
Spheroid Models for Various Cancers
Spheroid Models for oncolytic viruses
Spheroid Models for infectious diseases

Why Choose Oncoseek Bio for your Research Needs?

  • 3D Cell culture - We offer a wide range of 3D spheroid based "disease-in-dish models".
  • Open and Transparent in Communication - We keep our clients updated on the progress as communication with our clients throughout the study process is our top priority.
  • Trusted for Our Quality – We use high standard methods, materials, processes and work towards our customer satisfaction and provide scientifically and technically reliable and reproducible data.
  • Extensive Experience and Expertise – We have a team of Scientists who are Post docs, PhDs, MTechs MPharms and MScs who have extensive experience and expertise in the field.
  • Quick in Action and Cost Effective - Our services are fast and relatively cheaper.
  • Our Wide range of cell line repository – We maintain wide range of cell lines for your assays like Breast cancer, colon cancer, Liver cancer, Lung Cancer, Pancreatic cancer, Prostate Cancer, Bladder cancer, Stomach Cancer, Head and Neck Cancer, Glioblastoma and many non-tumour cell lines like fibroblasts, HUVEC cells, Endothelial and Epithelial cells.

How do we work:

Our clients consult us one-on-one.
We prepare a proposal that clearly defines project scope, timeline and cost.
We execute the experiments, generate data and analyse it.
We prepare the final report and deliver ready to publish results.

Spheroid models of various different tumor cell lines Spheroid models of various different tumor cell lines imaged at 10X magnification under brightfield illumination prior to test agent addition, as part of routine QC processes
oncoseek Bio cancer cell lines