Dr. Suresh Poosala is the Founder and President of OncoSeek Bio Pvt Ltd. He is an Advisor to The Jackson Laboratory; Council Member, AAALAC International, Strategic Advisor, Science in India, The Jackson Laboratory, USA Committee member-Antibiotic Residues, FSSAI, GOI, India, and Consultant for in vivo Regulatory and Facilities Accreditations, Pacific Rim Executive Member, Federation of Asian Biologists Association (FABA). He is a leader, scientist and motivator with three decades of international experience in fostering science, innovation and collaborative culture, by building and nurturing high-performing teams. His career spans scientific excellence in discovery and research, which resulted in high impact publications in high visibility international journals including Nature and he created exceptional quality in vivo facilities and created trained teams for R&D. He has succeeded as a leader in enabling great collaborations between CROs and Discovery programs, academia and industry, and between many strategic partners. He returned to India after 25 years at NIH, Washington, Bristol-Myers Squibb, San Francisco, University of Maryland, Baltimore, and St. Jude’s Research, Memphis. He launched a startup after his return to India and is participating in several active advisory roles and partnerships, his way of giving back to Science in India.

Dr. Bharadwaja Vadloori

Dr. Bharadwaja Vadloori

Senior Scientist & Head of Operations

Dr. Bharadwaja Vadloori is a Senior Scientist at OncoseekBio Pvt Ltd. He is a Masters in Biochemistry from Banaras Hindu University and a Ph.D. in Infection Biology from the University of Hyderabad. He is basically a Biochemist, with Immunology, Microbiology (Infectious diseases) background and Analytical Skills for Identifying, Scrutinizing, Improving, and Streamlining Complex Work Processes. His research was on drug discovery for Visceral Leishmaniasis. As a Senior Scientist at OncoseekBio, he excels at building and nurturing high-performing teams, building relationships with clients and colleagues towards performing interdisciplinary research. Currently, he performs various roles and oversees scientific projects.


Ramya VVS

Research Assistant

Ramya is a post graduate in Biochemistry from Andhra University. She is passionate about Oncology related research. She is contributing to research work as Research Assistant at Oncoseek Bio.


Nikita Naik

Research Assistant

Nikita is a post graduate in Genetic Manipulation and Molecular Cell Biology from University of Sussex, UK. She is a young researcher with strong foundations in Molecular Biology and is passionate about personalized medicine and Cancer Genetics. She is experienced in Bioinformatics, Microbiology and Molecular Biology techniques. Her previous work on independent research projects during her studies has provided her opportunities to take initiative, and work both independently and in collaboration. She contributes to various research work as a Research Assistant at Oncoseek Bio.

Dr. Sreedhara Voleti is the Founder, Managing Director of INDRAS Pvt. Ltd. He is a passionate Chemist, Professor, entrepreneur, consultant, start-up entertainer, leader, and mentor with over 20 years of pharma R & D experience. He was Co-Founder and CSO at Theraxel Discoveries Pvt. Ltd and Head of CADD at Ranbaxy and ILS. He obtained his Ph.D. from IISc Bangalore and Post-Docs from University of Massachusetts and Washington State University, USA.